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Unlike popular belief al Qaeda does not mean "The Base". It means word for word "The Order". The society was formed under the training of USA to subdue the communism spread to Afghanistan. Due to the "My enemy's enemy is my friend" approach of USA, now al Qaeda is a major problem and a threat to the security of many Westerners. USA used to support this organization until it got out of hand, now is the time for destruction of it.
Osama, who is the al Qaeda leader is a dumbass who killed many muslims too by leading the attack on the twin towers.
by MadMonkee January 31, 2005
The average redneck\honky pronounciation of the actual sentence "Allah-u Ekber". Which simply means "God is great." 97% of the world being religious and believing in such deity, it is only common American ignorance to believe it is a muslim terrorist chant word. (The idea comes from the beheading videos of victims from the newest Iraqi war President Bush has started.)
I have prayed for your safe arrival and now you are here, Allah-u Ekber.
by MadMonkee January 31, 2005

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