the act of staying up until sunrise, usually enhanced by caffeine, computer or having woken up late
lets pull an all nighter for da bant
by kp23111!111 December 28, 2008
1. When u stay up all night for studying purposes but probably fall asleep at 12:30 out of boredom
2. When u fuck all nite and ladies if u know a guy that can go all nite KEEP HIM
1. i thought i was gonna fail that test so i pulled an all-nighter
2. he gave me an all-nighter he is so amazing
When you stay up all night masturbating.
I pull an all nighter once a week.
by Indyroo July 06, 2009
This word is self-explanatory.
Urban Dictionary is such an awsome 'site! When I found it, I pulled an all nighter!
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
Allnighter is where you have sex the whole night. For all you early birds this isnt the thing for you...sorry!
Hey jess do you wanna pull an allnighter? or do you go to bed early?

Jess i am looking foward to tonight after our date! Lets go back to my place to pull an allnighter
by lexii June 30, 2005

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