A term used when one is going an entire night without sleeping at all. Commonly seen at a LAN party.
Dude, Mike! Let's pull an all-nighter tonight and see how long we can play UT2k4 without passing out!
by Geist May 22, 2005
The least gay name for a "sleepover"
Saturday let's pull an all nighter at George's.
by papa_squat_0516 December 08, 2010
To have sex all night long

not for the weak hearted
On my 16th birthday I had an all nighter! It was amazing, he just couldn't keep his dick away from me.
by Sex Kittennn November 22, 2009
a study session or any other activity that lasts all night
That all-nighter left me exhausted. I didn't get a minute of sleep.
by Light Joker May 10, 2006
When you wake up on, for example, tuesday morning and go to sleep wednesday night without any sleep in between.
"I pulled an all-nighter tuesday night and was so tired that I went to bed at 7 wednesday night!"
by rainynights447 July 13, 2005
Staying awake all night to finish tasks or complete homework that you have put off for days, weeks etc.
College kid 1: Hey, did you finish that assignment due in this afternoon?

College kid 2: (looking bedraggled and ill) Yeah *yawn* pulled an allnighter last night and managed to get something down. Probably going to fail anyway.
by Lavaboofvv January 04, 2010
Staying up all night doing meaningless tasks that you would'nt normally do during the day.

Or if said in a sense of "kyling", then you probably missed the show Kyle XY, and are forced to stay up late to watch the repeat, in which then you would stay up after it is already over, and still do meaningless tasks anyways, regardless if it is a school night or not.
Also See: kyling
Person A: Dude, I pulled an allnighter last night, cuz I missed Kyle XY, and I saw it at midnight, so I could'nt sleep after that.

Person B: Me too, we were actually on the phone last night, talking about Jlirmmy...
by Daviel May 05, 2008
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