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Driving with the "wrong" skin color, seen by certain cops as a reason to be suspicious.
I got stopped three times from here to Compton, just for driving black!
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
When one has good intentions of ending a conversation, but keeps thinking of more things to say. Can be one or more people "looping". Often happens in doorways or other portals.
Maria and I had such a bye loop going that I ended up spending the night.
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
Throwing up (vomiting) into a toilet. So-called because your firm grasp on the rim resembles the bus-driver clutching his/her steering wheel.
The heat, the food, and the drinks combined in a bad way. I ran inside from the barbeque and started driving the bus.
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
1. The old push-pull. "Hiding the sausage." In-and-out (nudge-nudge, wink-wink...)
2. The act of nursing (on a mammary gland).
If I'm really good, my pregnant wife will give me some nug-nug.
by GoFigure September 02, 2005
This word is self-explanatory.
Urban Dictionary is such an awsome 'site! When I found it, I pulled an all nighter!
by GoFigure September 02, 2005

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