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To go after something with intensity, anger or unbridled enthusiasm, often implies ownership or power.
After the game, the coach was all over the first baseman for dropping the ball.

I was all over that cake last night!
by skittlesyum July 25, 2003
4 3
To have total control; to be able to do something well, used in a future tense
I'm all over it

You need me to mow your lawn? Alright man I'm all over it
by anon. July 18, 2003
1 0
all up on that
(u) can hav that
cc fried up that chicken, rite? well andre smelt that s*** from outside and by tha tyme i got in thurr his ass wuz all over it.
1: (fittin to pass tha bleez)u aint smokin no mo, playa?
2: naw, maen, u all over it.
by YoungCali October 03, 2003
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heavily involved in it.

variation: having someone's name written all over it
- Is there a connection between him and this project?
- A connection? Come on man, he's all over it/ he's got his name written all over it!
by Second Prize July 31, 2003
1 1
taking care of what needs to be done...
straightening out a mistake...
He's all over that jerk...
by Pbpsning July 30, 2003
1 1
Affirmation of a task being readily finished, or a job that for certain will be completed
Man: "Bitch! Where's my samitch at?"
Bitch: "Hold up! I'm all over it!"
by Tyler Durden July 29, 2003
2 2
Very enthusiastic about
Being a rabbit lover, when Brenda asked if I could take care of her own bunny, Schmoo, I was all over it!
by twelfth of never July 27, 2003
2 2
v. to whole-heartedly assume responsibility for completing a needed task.
Some call her & tell her to git her butt down here.

I'm all over it.
by Jen July 26, 2003
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