This is a game cheat code for Empire Earth that will give you 100,000 of all resources when entered during gameplay.
If you enter All your base are belong to us while playing Empire Earth you will recieve 100,000 of all resources.
by Mojo Maniac July 25, 2008
Engrish for "Your base now belongs to us!" Taken from an old, poorly-translated Japanese Sega Genesis game called Zero Wing.
Cats: That now all your base are belong to us, we let you make your time, for there is no escape! HAHAHAHAAAHAA!
by AYB March 07, 2003
A phrase taken from a failed Genesis game very well know for its engrish or very poor english grammer.

by The Corrector January 17, 2003
a statement of victory
what happen?
All your base are belong to us
by October Six March 07, 2003
1) What you say after a victory
1) Guy 1: "Aw. We lost..."
Guy 2: "Yes. Yes. All your base are belong to us!"
by Justin H. April 09, 2005
A phrase that generally means you got pwned.
Another way of saying "All your base are belong to us" is:

Your head a splode.
by Marcus Reed August 20, 2006

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