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The phrase 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' is known as a "Gaming Phenomenon". It origionates from the game 'Zero Wing',with a very bad Japanese-to-English translated intro to boot. It is considered one of the worst translations in gaming history. Commonly seen in Multiplayer Games such as Counter Strike, Call Of Duty ect, usually in team gameplay, when one team totally defeats another (See : Pwnage), it will likely be said by the winning team, to dictate that 'All your bases' now belong to them.
However can also be used in a deathmatch gamemode, if one single player stands out above the rest (See also : owned). Sometimes is also followed up by the line (from the same game) "You have no chance to survive, make your time."

Also used when the Terrorists destroy the objective in the de_ (Demolition) gamemode is the line "What Happen?" followed by "Somebody set up us the bomb!".
These are all lines from 'Zero Wing'.
Use 1 :
(In Counter Strike: Source)
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist1
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist2
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist3
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist4
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist5
Terrorist1 kills Counter-Terrorist6
Terrorists Win!

Terrorist1 : All your base are belong to us.

Use 2:
Counter-Terrorist 1 kills Terrorist 1
Counter-Terrorist 1 kills Terrorist 2
Counter-Terrorist 2 kills Terrorist 4
Counter-Terrorist 3 kills Terrorist 3
Counter-Terrorist 6 kills Terrorist 5
Counter-Terrorist 5 kills Terrorist 6

Counter-Terrorist 1 : Who do all our bases belong to now?
Counter-Terrorist 2 : Yeh, all your base are belong to us!
Counter-Terrorist 3 : You have no chance to survive make your time!

Use 3 :

The bomb has been planted!
*Bomb Explodes*
Terrorists Win!

Terrorist 1 : What happen?
Terrorist 2 : Somebody set up us the bomb!

*Terrorists 1 + 2 proceed to spam microphone with laughter*
by Chartax February 13, 2008
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