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all in my business....nosey...not minding own business
man u all up in my kool-aid
by kat October 21, 2004
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slang for someone who is in your personal space and or business
sandra:i heared your kissing mary
paul: what the hell your all up in my kool-aid.

kool-aid can also be used as business for example: your stiring up the kool-aid, for someone who is causeing or starting issues
by 80593021MP October 02, 2011
First off, kool aid don't mean business, it means your bitch, or what's yours, if someone is all up in your kool aid, it means they are trying to crack on to your bitch, if a chick is all up in your kool aid, hell yeah it mean she is interested in your business, but it don't mean kool aid means business, it means she mean business! It means you are gonna get your rubs if you play your cards right.
She know she gonna get laid.
She all up in my kool aid! ;)

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