A chick with an amazing backside and a tight little body. A little ADD and sometimes a bit crazy but will try anything and do it to the best of her ability. Super sexy and one of the best lays you'll ever have! Great personality, animal lover and a loyal friend.
"Damn, I wish more of my friends were an Alix!"

"You hooked up with an Alix?! You lucky bastered!"
by John Amir September 28, 2013
A very old french name that means "noble warrior".
Alix is basically a male name but some girls have this name for weird reasons.
by sexsymbolp July 10, 2008
Is a great friend once you know her. Can be very bitchy if she can't get her way. But a true friend, she will be the one to catch you when you fall. She can say hurtful comments but only as a joke. Usually a small person with long hair. Got an attitude to fight, but if you fall out she can turn other friends on you also. Always up to date with fashions and can use people sometimes. She is good looking and sometimes people can get jealous of her hair. Known to steal other peoples men but will claim not to have. Flawless face and very small, she really does have a lot of beauty. Her dark eyes set you in a trance. She can act quite quiet sometimes even though she is very giggly. An amazing woman, people treat her with respect.
"See that girl, the one wiping the other girls tears"
"I bet you shes an Alix"
by cherrycupcake1234 October 23, 2013
An Alix is a short, beautiful girl who will always put a smile on your face no matter how you're feeling. An Alix is kind and witty and will never fail to make you laugh. An Alix is extremely intelligent and will always have good input no matter what you are talking about. An Alix is also very athletic and does well in several different sports. Having an Alix in your life is a amazing experience you will never forget.
I make fun of Alix's accent mainly because I'm jealous.
I can't wait for school to be over so I can talk to Alix.
I have never met anyone as fun to talk to as Alix.
Even though Alix wont show me her boobs she is still the greatest.
by brancap115 February 21, 2015
To say or do something that goes against all logical reason, this covers mishearing or misunderstand spoken conversation. Alix can also be used to describe someone or a situation in which someone was gullible. For example, Alix was once made to believe a friend (Brad) had his bar mitzvah coming up, despite him being 18 and never mentioning being Jewish.
Person 1: "I like these shorts cos they cover the cellulite on my bum"
Alix: "You have daffodills on your bum?"
Person 1: "Yes Alix, I have daffodills on my bum..."

Alix:"Where are you guys?"
Person 2:"In the smoking area"
Alix:"In the what??"
Person 2:"In the smoking area"
Alix:"Oh... I thought you said shagging area!"

In using the term
One friend may say to another "that was such an Alix comment"
by Daniel Teed June 11, 2008
A name commonly given to Lady Gaga's oversized labia.
When I went to the concert, I saw Alix! GROSS!
by theawesomepeoplesclubdan January 07, 2011
Not As Good As Benbow
"I, Cupcake Whore Alix, Am Not As Good As Benbow".
by oigfdf August 28, 2008

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