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the state of having a hightened sense of self, usually during an incredible experience that revives one's inner spirit
running through the rain made me feel so alive.
by Chastah_76 November 21, 2009
awesome, sweet, poppin, etc
Gangsta 1: This pic is so alive yo.
Gangsta 2: Dude that pic really is tight, you aint lyin!
by briii23 April 12, 2009
A bee, hornet, or wasp that is not dead.
Nyeah!! Alive!! Swat!!
by BMG January 15, 2003
what my girlfriend says about my dick when it gets hard
It's alive again huh.
by Alexius November 06, 2003
An expression used to describe the moments before certain death.
(MPV goes down a concrete spiral ramp at 40mph) AAAAAAAAAA!! ALIVE, ALIVE! AAAAAAA!!
by BMG-1 January 15, 2003
the nickname of a player in kali
he really sucks at wc3 and was a member of a now defunct clan called bvb
alive u suxor
by Pika August 05, 2003