A hot crazy chick who loves Men who are kind, funny, caring and loving. Usually guys who are named Andreas
Wow shes so good looking she must be Alisha
by tinks11084 February 28, 2010
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An amazingly beautiful girl inside and out. She is never short of attracting the opposite sex, however is very selective with her choice of men she likes to date. Those ever lucky enough to partner her tend to place her on a pedestal. She is a great kisser and always leaves you wanting more. She is very confident within herself and you always know where you stand with her. She is an understanding and caring person who loves to have a good time.
alisha is always up for a party
by helloalabama February 03, 2010
1.Usually a hot curvacious female
2.A way to describe how awesome an item is.
Whey hey look who turned all alisha on me

That was an alisha performance
by ALIEEEE November 22, 2007
A wonderful, charming, beautiful, gorgeous person who is sexy as hell. Has no trouble getting a guy and in fact can have several vying for her attentions at once without any effort. Has the most beautiful eyes of any girl in the world. A great mother and a caring person in general. Perfect in every conceivable way. Great at any task she undertakes and fails at nothing. Has an amazing personality and amazing sense of humor. Impossible to be angry at for any length of time because one look at her face will make you forget the reason why. Breathtaking kisser and has the ability to make a person addicted to her company with a single touch. Will go to any length to help a friend even if she doesn't talk to them often. Sacrifices anything of hers to make sure her family is happy and has everything they want. If you have an Alisha in your life then you have blessed by the gods.

Another name for an angel.
Person 1- "Who's that angel sitting at the bar?"

Person 2- "That's Alisha"

Person 1- "Man shes perfect"

Person 2- "I Know"
by aussie vampire February 04, 2010
a very outgoing but shy girl. she is always fun to be around and can always make you laugh. tends to be very athletic but cute and girly at the same time. she always has the cutest clothes no matter what. She is easy to love, and has a great personality and will talk to anybody. She is always willing to give a helping hand. She is definitely one of the greatest people alive.
Wow she is hott, I bet her name is alisha
by misic February 04, 2010
she devil or mental vampire tormentor of love
she tortured all the boys of a small town with her alisha like ways
by monster cock November 11, 2007
A girl that is very beautiful. She can be very talkitive at times but talks sense. She loves her friends and has no enemies. She can do a little of each sport. She loves to eat but some how manages to keep her curves. She loves to keep her hair looking nice. She is very smart and intelligent and is awesome!

she is friends with everyone. she is funny only when she doesnt know and when she tries to be funny she fails.She is one of the kindest person you will ever meet.She manages to keep her kindness although her friends can be a bit bossy.
human1: hey what did that girl get on the test?
human 2 : She got an 98%
human 1 : Wow! igot a 10% her name has to be Alisha
by cocoa123456 November 04, 2011
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