Any piece of technology created by extra-terrestrials.
Theories say some of the alienware found inside the UFO which crashed in Roswell 1947 was a high-tech propulsion reactor. They say all alienware had been brought to a top secret military base known as Area 51 in Nevada, Texas and been examined there by a special team of scientists.
by blackhole February 17, 2004
A pointless company that only gets it's profits from fat gamers who can't be arsed saving a grand by building a PC themselves.
Rob: Hey dude! How much was your PC?
Brian: £3000
Rob: Shit man! was that Alienware you fat lazy uselss pile of shit.
by That guy on your left September 13, 2013
Loved by people who own them, hated by people who don't - simply because they don't own one.

The rolls-royce of PC's, for the price of them you would expect them you would expect one thrown in for free.
I have an alienware PC. You hate me now. I am smug.
by Adam Luttman November 25, 2004
A really nice computer company that sports high end hardware in its laptops with cool futuristic designs.
Poor people like to hate on this company because they can't afford one.
Dumb people like to hate on this company because they don't know much about computers and cannot perform simple repairs that customer support tells them to do to avoid long waits and shipping.

A bit of a rich kid thing.
Hey man did you end up getting your mercedes or that alienware you've always wanted?

OMG Alienware is so shit becuz i cant aford it becuz maccas iz not payin me enough mony this month.

Alienware support is so shit they lie to our faces! I got a three year warranty and 5 years later my laptop goes slow When I call up they want me clean all the porn and viruses off my pc! WTF does that mean?, Alienware is so shit they have useless support.
by Im On a shrrooom nigga! February 02, 2013
Alienware is a name brand of a high end gaming computers.Often it is defined as an opinion. A lot of people hate them. This is for the same reason why, it is easier to get keyed in a Ferrari than it is in a Ford Focus. Jealously. It is also the same reason why there are more thumbs down than thumbs up. On rare occasion, there are legitimate people that hate Alienware because of "overheating" merchandise. However, most of the time, an Alienware computer overheats because of neglect and misuse. Owners sometimes block the intake fan and fry their mother board. They respond to their error by lashing out to the public by claiming it's the computer manufacture's crappy design. There is no straight correct definition of Alienware. This is because the Alienware definitions are often opinionated, a target of trolling, based off ignorance, or defined by individuals whom do not own them. The people that own the Alienware brand/name are not blogging but instead gaming.
Eric: I just got an Alienware laptop.
Josh: Oh yea! Well my dad can beat up your dad! Besides Alienware sucks
by Phaedrus2ndd August 03, 2011
a box with a roswell sticker on it. its like platinum plastic
ooo the case is scary ::dies::
by brian January 07, 2004
The ultimate Gaming machine and the ultimate nerd accessory. People buy it because it is a status symbol to have one, and it gives yopu bragging rights over all other people who don't have Alienware's. Even if a guy with a Dell has better hardware than a guy with an Alienware, the Alienware is still better
"Dude I got an Alienware."
"Bastard I want one"
by Alienware 4tw April 28, 2005

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