Alice in Wonderland: A chick sees a bunny and follows it and ends up in this place that looks like it was made by a fucking crack addict. She goes around and meets people and then this queen chick meets her and she's like: "BITCH IMMA KILL YOU" and then the queen tries to kill alice but alicie dosen't die and then she finds out it was all a fucking dream and then like 10 years later she's a fucking teenager and she sees the bunny again and follows it and ends up in the same crack addict world and she's like "Oh shit i'm hallucinating" but she's not and then she finds out that her childhood dream was not a dream at fucking all and she's like the chosen one and she has to defeat the fat ass queen and kill her whore I mean dragon then she's like "I ant gun do that shit" and everyone's like "Alice you must or we will all die!" and then she agrees to it and she fights the damn dragon and chops his head off and then she leaves wonderland and goes to china and that's how both Alice in Wonderland movies go thank you the end
Guy: "Dude, you ever seen Alice in Wonderland?!"
Dude: "Yeah, that shit made me think of the days I did Crack!"
by VodkahBunneh June 09, 2012
A book by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, (under the name Lewis Carroll) that has absolutely nothing to do with drugs, despite the popular urban legend.
Alice in Wonderland: NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS!!!!!!
by Jingalls June 23, 2006
published proof and a movie about why shrooms r fun
i like shrooming while watching alice in wonderland
by vica November 25, 2004
the story of Alice Cullen before she went to the asylum
ha alice in wonderland ha
by it's Caroline, yo September 02, 2008

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