hobbit scrotum. a small, shriveled object that lies underneath the hobbit's large twanger. it is the central pleasure zone for all shirefolk.
"i want to lick your aley."
by Kelliesdl;ghlghlwkh December 11, 2007
Top Definition
the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in your life, she is stunningly sexy and yet can also easily be your best friend ever, shes tough, intelligent, funny, charismatic, compassionate, loving, levelheaded, open minded, and with one smile can brighten up your week instantly, but be careful after one conversation with this girl you will be hooked for life.... in short aley is the most perfect girl ever, and if you ever are lucky enough to date one hold on to her forever cause if you dont it will be the biggest mistake ever.
that new girl is so awesome and beautiful i just knew her name was aley
by krad7 April 13, 2011
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