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what a beautiful person. so hot and such a nice great sex!!!:)
aleesha was amazing last night;)
by maeve.maeve October 15, 2007
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A genuinely beautiful, courageous, crazy girl who loves life. Deserves to be treated like a princess. Loves animals, easy to love and very friendly. :D
by LilleeMR August 21, 2011
Aleesha is a shy person but when she has met her true friend she becomes more excitable and tends to react to things her friends say and do with enthusiasm and cares a lot for animals and nature
"Its Aleesha guys, she's shy around new people but when you know her, she's fun to be around!"
by Jazzychick21 February 22, 2015
Is usually a backstabber. Tends to appear very friendly at first but once you get to know her she is a rather big irritation to your everyday life. She likes to think she's awesome at everything, likes to suck up to people and scab off others. Seems to be quite popular on social media but isn't a big buzz in reality. When around boys she can be a total attention whore. Loves to flirt with slightly older people than her. Hates being insulted or put on the spot. Blonde Aleeshas are the worst.
Urgh she is such an Aleesha!
by KaReNsA13 January 26, 2015
"aleesha" always wants attention, everyday she will come at school with in a excuse that she broke her arm or leg or whatever, so people can come around her and be sorry for her.... she will be very nice sometimes but after a day she will bitch about everyone including you, when she is around boys she will be a completely whore around you even if you're her best friend :D don't trust her...
aleesha is a meanie
by ilyluke August 08, 2014

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