A very pretty girl who can be sometimes ugly. she gets all of the guys.. and she smokes weed everyday. she likes to eat bananas and smoke chamomille tea. its her favourite.
look at that person over there, smoking chamomille tea.. she must be an Alecia
by yolochick123 January 01, 2013
Top Definition
A girl who tends to dye her hair more than she should. Is usually quiet but when not she is the funniest girl you will ever meet. Often alecia's don't have much booty or boobs. They have a hourglass figure widd all duh curves in the right places. Their skinny waist and cute face makes up for it. An alecia may look innocent but in reality she is a freak in the sheets.
"Bro, you see dat girl widd the fruity pebbles
and pancakeee bottom. "

"That's my alecia, she a freak in the sheets so it's all goooooddd dawg."
by aleciafaceee! March 26, 2008
bubbly blonde skank bag, who's hair resmembles that of pubic hair. tends to have huge saggy tits. loves africans & will spread legs for any amount of cash money or poptarts.
that african american just gave me 7 poptarts for rough anal in which he pulled my pubic like hair! i am such an alecia!
by harry nads December 14, 2007
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