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Answer and start of all lifes problems
I got into a fight last week after cosuming alot of alcohol,weekend just gone i wanted to beat everyone up at a party...but with that said i got 5 chicks numbers though.
by Nirfuckingvana August 28, 2010
It is shit and can turn even the nicest man in to a idiotic simpleton and promotes violence and arrogance and makes to forget about problems that need solving otherwise you could get kicked out of your house.
Alcohol can cause a person to rape or beat another person or start doing bad stuff or being stupid.
by some one with sense February 17, 2014
A common substance to help white people with dance.
Raquisha: "Damn, that white girl can sure dance"
Barbeesha: "Yeah, she must have drank some alcohol...."
by @ItsMawFuckingMJ January 16, 2012
1. A potable chemical used to make it's drinker look like an idiot in public.
"I had WAY too much alcohol last night."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
A telescope into your sub-conscious.
"I ate Jimmy? Woah I've been wanting to do that for months, thanks alcohol!"
by lajos. January 27, 2009
(according to the Encyclopedia Galactica)- A colorless volatile liquid formed by the fermentation of sugars. Has intoxicationg effects on certain carbon-based life forms
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy explains what alcohol is and what the effects of some alcohol is. It gives a lot of information about out of this world alcoholic drinks
by Braylin Mills April 24, 2011
Alcohol is like a highschoolers bestfriend !
Madison: You know what ?
Hunter: What ?
Madison: You remind me of alcohol.
Hunter: WHAT? are you comparing me to alcohol ?
Madison: YEAH, you guys are both always there for me!
Hunter: helllllll ya !
by madison is amazing! May 27, 2009