1. A potable chemical used to make it's drinker look like an idiot in public.
"I had WAY too much alcohol last night."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
A substance that can make a white person dance!
Alcohol is not in my vodkabulary. However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink to much of it, it's likely tequilya.
#beer #drunk #vodka #boozy #hangover
by bruhh I dunno April 06, 2015
The source of every problem with abuse in the world. It was banned once, and should have stayed that way. It is the worst thing in the world and causes the most deviorces and child runaways than anything else. It sucks. Only idiots drink that crap (which is what it smells like too). Also the cause of a ton of suicides. More people die every year from alcohol-realated stuff than anything else, even drugs and homicides.
Idiot: Want some alcohol?
Smart Person: You're such a f------ idiot!

Cop: Why did you run away?
Kid: I ran away because I couldn't stand my dad's drinking anymore...
#stupid #idiotic #fucking dumb #retarded #retards #bad #nasty #gross smelling #stinky #idiots
by kowshe October 26, 2008
It is shit and can turn even the nicest man in to a idiotic simpleton and promotes violence and arrogance and makes to forget about problems that need solving otherwise you could get kicked out of your house.
Alcohol can cause a person to rape or beat another person or start doing bad stuff or being stupid.
#shit #idiotic #violence #arrogance #alcohol
by some one with sense February 17, 2014
Answer and start of all lifes problems
I got into a fight last week after cosuming alot of alcohol,weekend just gone i wanted to beat everyone up at a party...but with that said i got 5 chicks numbers though.
#drunk #wasted #alcohol #alcoholic #dumbfuck
by Nirfuckingvana August 28, 2010
A common substance to help white people with dance.
Raquisha: "Damn, that white girl can sure dance"
Barbeesha: "Yeah, she must have drank some alcohol...."
#drunk #wasted #good ass time #fanfuckingtastic #party #dance
by @ItsMawFuckingMJ January 16, 2012
A telescope into your sub-conscious.
"I ate Jimmy? Woah I've been wanting to do that for months, thanks alcohol!"
#pissed #trashed #telescope #alcoholic #unusual
by lajos. January 27, 2009
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