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Arabic for "my heart." Used often in music.
"Albi maak wi laik ghani ali"

- "Choukrane" by Alabina
by emiellaiendiay July 11, 2004
This man is strong, opinionated, sexy, really good in bed. He doesn't have many friends and is often misunderstood as a person. Has amazing eyes that you can stare at forever. Although he will do bad things from time to time he sticks to his morals like glue. Often will be unpopular until a while after high school. Very musical and very talented.
'have you seen that guy'

'hes kinda weird but hes amazing at piano'

'hes such and albi'
by baqir November 20, 2013
The name shows a rarity unparalleled by any other. Having an Albis in your life will make it seem as if the stars twinkled even brighter than usual. She will always keep you in your highest level of happiness. May seem obnoxious, but it is worth it. She can be very confusing but that makes her all the more alluring.
"God, I wished I met an Albis earlier, they know how to make life worth every second of it."
by UMNA August 26, 2014
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