The act of perverting over girls at least seven years older than you.
Person 1: 'She's hot'
Person 2: 'She's 8 years older than you!'
Person 1: 'So?'
Person 2: 'You Alasdair'
by Purity Assassin March 09, 2007
Top Definition
It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "defender of mankind"
Alasdair saved my life
by Bobbbbbby December 29, 2006
An amazing guy who will always be there. Someone you can trust and rely on. Is known to be an extraordinary kisser and is also known for their extremely attractive looks. He would be the type of guy you would introduce to your parents. He has a winning personality and a heartbreaking smile. Everyone loves an Alasdair!
He's amazing....... I know... he's an Alasdair
by rawrM3 July 26, 2010
An Alasdair is a person who is clever, smart and talented. They tend to adore Pokemon and are easily lured from their homes by the promise of apples and trampolines.

Alasdairs have been known to scowl at trains, as well.
"What is that Alasdair doing to that Pikachu?"
by goonie8 April 24, 2009
the closest man will ever get to god
generally is a guy who can charm any woman
anyone who crosses him DIES
alasdair was walking down the street and a black cat crossed half his path then exploded
by Im back! September 15, 2010
The act of inserting your penis up one's nose and pissing in it.
'Alasdair-ing is so gross'
by - [ Dark Assassin ] - March 15, 2007
To pull an Alasdair, you must make constant jokes that are consistantly not funny.
'I am Alasdair, I play WoW, I rule'
by wowKelseyisgreat March 07, 2007
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