(n.) The State without Car Inspections.
I love Alabama. It is home to them Drive By Truckers, and plenty of buscuits.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 06, 2005
Top Definition
A truly lovely state, by certain standards, where the unofficial motto is...
"Alabama: At Least We're Not Mississippi!"
It's true: Alabama is not Mississippi.
by creaternity April 19, 2006
Alabama isn't what most the people on here think it is, all you putting it down saying negative things, are wrong. I live in Alabama, yes i have ALL my teeth, NO i dont wear overalls, and i dont screw my sisters. I live in Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama. College football is loved down here, everyone gets along, welcomed by everyone. I dont expect anyone to feel sorry for me! If you want to raise a good family with peace and quiet Alabama is for you, if you want to party and live in the big city then it's not.
"Sweet Home Alabama"

"I love living in Alabama"
by Matt Space June 11, 2005
Well, it is a shame that people judge this beautiful state due to their lack of knowledge. Alabama's education is improving every year. Bessemer high school in Birmingham, AL, was ranked the number one high school in the country thanks to the outstanding performance of students and their (national) test scores. The University of Alabama, Auburn University, and many more colleges and universities are ranked among the best in the nation(These facts can be viewed on the internet). Not only the education, but the cities are among the best. Huntsville, AL is one of the main reasons NASA is where it is today. Technological advances are conceived everyday to help improve the space program and potientially the benefit for mankind. God has blessed this state with wonderful and faithful people. He has also created beautiful moutains, valleys, and beaches, and yet the history of this great state adds to the immaculate beauty. It is very unfortunate that people have to be so critical and narrow-minded about Alabama and the South itself. The South is where its at, and you will never know untill you experience it! Oh by the way, racism exisist everywhere and not just in Alabama. The few racist people and "rednecks" that reside in Alabama are not recognized by the predominant society of noramal people. This includes the entire Southeast.
Auburn is the place to be with great tailgating and friendly people, along with beautiful landscape and beautiful architecture. War Eagle HEY!
by WarEaglejr July 03, 2005
A place to live where you can die at the age of 93 and never see a horrible crime on TV. A state filled with polite people, with southern accents, and the hottest women in the united states. Great place to raise children, boring to live in. Has the best food around. State dish is Beans and 'taters.
I've lived in both california and alabama, and I know first hand california has as many rednecks as alabama, but california has more racism, and worse standards of living.
by Jimmy Thompson March 01, 2005
The stereotypes in Alabama are immensely exaggerated. On the topic of racism, just because someone owns a confederate flag, doesn't make them racist. My mother is black, and my father is white, and my father owns a lighter with a confederate flag on it. Everyone from Alabama isn't dumb. I have lived here my whole life, and I'm only fifteen; I'm POSITIVE that I am smarter than half of the people on here who criticize Alabama on how dumb the people here are, and then not spell half of their words correctly. Not even I like it here, but people still shouldn't stereotype a place they've probably never been to themselves. I've only met one family that was inbred, but people are stupid enough to do that everywhere. The football stereotype is probably the only true one. Football is HUGE here. Also, you say that people defend Alabama on here as a sob story, if people were constantly telling you how horrible you and everyone around you were, then you'd have something to say, too. Thank you, have a great day. :)
Alabama is a very ebullient and gratifying place.
by that.one.girl March 21, 2008
Alabama a nice state in the southeastern United States. It is not full of rednecks like some of these people say. And it also has one the greatest football programs ever. No not Auburn.
Sweet home Alabama...Roll Tide Roll!!!
by Chandler August 10, 2004
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