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Outdoor entertainment and dining.
Lily Allen sings it in her song'LDN'.
"People from the city having lunch in the park, I believe that is called al fresco."
by Sabs15 January 07, 2007
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To go alfresco, a phrase used to describe going without underwear. Synonymous with going commando. Coming from the word Alfresco describing an activity done in the open air.
"It's dangerous to go alfresco in shorts"

"I always go alfresco in summer, I hate having Betty Swallocks"
by The Bearded Otter Herder July 15, 2008
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An Italian word that refers to three different words.
- Fresh
- Outside
- Picnic
The word was roughly made/invented between 1925 and 1950
in Italy and was mostly used to describe something as good or fantastic.
Can be used in almost every possible outcome.
You see a fit or good-looking girl and your with a friend you say 'that girl's Alfresco'
Or when you eating a meal and it suits you appetite you say 'that's Alfresco still'
Or your playing football, you score a sick goal you say 'that goal was Alfresco still'
by Glen The True BigDaddy February 13, 2012
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