is a costa rican slang that mean : really, can be used in an affirming way or in a questioning way
que pega que estuvo la fiesta
(wow that party was so boring)

si alchile
(yeah it was)


alchile teniamos examen hoy?
(did we REALLY had a test today)

si alchile
(yeah Really)
by lorecr57 August 10, 2008
Top Definition
The Mexican "for real'' expression in Spanish Language. It can be used to ask or confirm.
White boy: Hey Homie, let's try that new thing called the "gravity bong"

Homie: Al chile?

White boy: Al chile!
by PokarFace June 19, 2010
Spanish-originated word meaning word or hell yeah!!
Can also be used in the form of damn strait and damn right.
Al chile example:

Frat kid 1: "Dude, that party was dope."
Frat kid 2: "Al chile."
Frat kid 3: "Dude, lets get wasted!!"
Frat kid 4: "Al Chilaayyyy!!"
by That Kappa Sig guy May 10, 2013
the spanish translation for "word". for the bilingually impaired, al chile directly translates to "to the chile".al chile is used in the same way as word, either to ask if a person is for real, or for confirming that indeed you are being for real, it is mostly when a mexican talks to another mexican or chicano
vato A: wus up wit chu and sophia homie?
vato B: shiiii ese smell my fingers!!!!
vato A: Al Chile?
vato B: al chile homie
by DEiNO October 11, 2006
Local slang in some Latin American countries for "Oh really?"
In Spanish, O rly Owl says:

¿Al chile?
by nixienefarious October 20, 2010
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