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italian for "to the tooth." refers to pasta that is slightly undercooked. pasta cooked enough to be firm but not soft.
"we forgot to cook the pasta all the way"
"just tell 'em it's al dente and quit your bitchin"
by bacm123 October 08, 2005
The most desirable form of cooked noodles. Just firm, not soft.


A wang that's not hard, but not soft; just a bit firm.
Adam: Trevor do you like al dente?
Trevor: No!
Jon: Haha Trevor likes al dente!
Adam: Hahaha he so does.
Trevor: Al dente is revolting!
Adam/Jon: Trevor loves al dente!
by BobRyder May 29, 2007
a penis that is half erect.
jon: hey trevor do you like al dente?
trevor: NO
adam: hey trevor do you like al dente?
trevor: NO!!
jon: hey trevor do you lik-
trevor: BUTTFUCK!
by Jon.t May 29, 2007
Italian for "I'm too hungry to wait for this pasta to cook any longer"
-Yo, why is this pasta still hard
-It's Al dente

-nah man you just couldn't wait 2 extra minutes for it to finish cooking
by Kush doctor November 08, 2015
Genitals or butt that is not fresh or unclean.
He looked hot but when I went down on his ass it was al dente.
by backflip August 13, 2015
Undercooked pasta which, upon regurgitation, resembles a squirming mass of worms and maggots. Al dente literally means "to the teeth", as it is almost crunchy, meaning it is cheap, dried pasta rather than fresh, soft pasta.

For example a hastily-cooked friday night spaghetti before going out on the piss can be complimented as "al dente", however once one is blowing chunks in the form of long, strandy, red worms covered in stomach bile that tickle ever inch of your oesophagus, not to mention the back of your nose, down a back alley, soon becomes "undercooked".
"Sorry I puked all over your dress last night."

"That's ok, it was mostly spaghetti so it was very easy to clean off, thank god for al dente."

"That explains why I shat nothing but worms and maggots this morning, next time I'll give it a couple more minutes in the pan."
by Okotoimako November 03, 2011
A phrase used to describe a situation or experience that was fun, enjoyable, cool, etc. Most commonly used in Italian cuisine to describe when pasta is ready to eat.
That club last night was al dente.
by RoMaAl September 21, 2005

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