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The forgotten entity in the hindu religion. Of the five eternal entities of Jiva, Ishwar, Maya, Brahma and Parabrahma, akshar is the least recognized.

However the understanding of this is again becoming aware through the teachings of Lord Swaminarayan and these teachings are still carried by his fifth spiritual succesor HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Akshar is the choicest devotee of the lord. Can exist in two forms 1. 'pragat'- present on the earth
2. chidakash form as divine light

for more search 'swaminarayan'
Akshar-Purushottum, just as hindus hail the name of the greatest devotee before the lords name such as Radha-Krishna or Sita-Ram. Akshar is hailed before Purushottum.
#akshar #swaminarayan #swami #bapa #devotee
by Jay Gajera July 24, 2006
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