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Always keep fighting, the campaign set up by Jared Padalecki (who plays Sam in Supernatural) to help people fight depression and reduce suicides.
At comic-con people showed their support for the AKF campaign by holding up candles.
by team free will August 31, 2015
a title created by The Ass Kicking Fool him self...meaning ass kicking fool not away from keyboard and the dub kid who difined the other one is and idoit...
the ass kicking fool
by bob dog February 27, 2005
stands for 'ay que funny' but the 'que' is with a k
its another way to say 'lol'
did you hear what happened? akf
akf i did! it was hilarious
by bored809 December 13, 2010
It means: "Away from Keyboard" or, as someone people say, "Away from Computer", but it's not a c...'tis a k.
I was on an anime chat room, and I left and when I came back I saw:
****: Where's Ami?
****: She's AKF.
by akato December 06, 2004
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