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The name of the prettist girl in the world. Sha has many friends and they love her verry much... all the boys are crazy for her.. and she dresed verry nicely...
whoa she is prettyyyyyyy!
she must be an akayla!
by MellieBear November 12, 2010
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She is talented artistic lightly salted smert and an awesome friend. She enjoys watching movies and eating pizza.Her favorite places are Texas Roadhouse,Micheal's and Charming Charlies. The name of the prettiest girl in the world. She has many friends and they love her very much.All the boys are crazy for her. And she dressed very nicely.She can be sort of stupid sometimes but all of her friends still love her.
"Wow my friend is such an akayla."
by imsosmert January 25, 2017
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