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term used for this one of a kind girl that you meet when your are like five and end up growning up together and becoming best friends, then one day after like 17 years you finally see her as more than a friend and you both fall in love and marry and live happily ever after
guy: Man, if only i knew which girl i would end up marrying I could just concentrate on her and dump all these ^*&^*^.

Aixa: Dont worry you'll find one day.

Guy: (Enlightened by her aixaness)<kneeling> Marry me.
#dreamgirl #truelove #soul mates #love #bff
by Romeyni August 24, 2007
a mean woman commonly a mother of 6 she is very mean and evil but sometimes she can be very nice
aixa is best as AC
#mean #ugly #evil #nice #mother
by Leah cosgrow July 24, 2008
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