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When you fart into an article of clothing and then throw said article into another person's face.
Carmen just got hit in the face with Adam's air biscuit.
by Craftyman71 February 06, 2009
When somebody is standing by you and farts and walks away.
Okay, when you turn your test in don't leave me any air biscuits by my desk.

"oh gee thanks for leaving me that airbiscuit." huh? i didnt bring you any biscuits..??
by bagelbailey June 06, 2009
A loud, fart portrayed in an obnoxious way.
(Steve and Joe are talking)


Steve-Now that was an air biscuit! Check out the load on that shit! Woo!

Joe-Omg dude! Nasty!
by SDJOSAUGB September 06, 2009
When there is no food in the kitchen and all there is available is an air biscuit..which means nothing.
Mom, what is there to eat??

Looks like you better go eat an air biscuit!!
by Dolochick April 06, 2010
A fartthat is usually silent. Also can be called an SBD (silent-but-deadly) Not good for people in enclosed areas.
Eww, you just floated an air biscuit!
by Inquisitor911 February 14, 2005
Any kind of fart.
Do I sense an air biscuit?
by Andrew Briggs January 31, 2004
when someone breaks wind and catches it then releases it into someones face
by Anonymous January 31, 2003