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The items that are thrown from housing complex windows at New York City Cops when the officers walk around in a housing complex. Examples are beer bottles, coffee mugs and toaster ovens. On occassion, air mail is also tossed at members of the FDNY, EMS and DA's office.
"Me and Cruz just stepped out of our car when we almost got hit by some serious air mail. Two bottles and a filthy nasty diaper."
by Mikey Jew Pants June 10, 2006
When a mans zipper is down for long periods of time, therefore occasionally exposing his "package". This can either be done accidentally or by a tweaked individual... on purpose.
"Dude your package is showing, you sending out airmail or what?"
"Oh damn! Thanks man, good lookin' out!"

"Hey that guys running after her with his junk out!"
"Oh that's cause he's sending his package to her airmail"
by d325gu December 02, 2011
To throw a ball too high, and have it sail over the head of the person you're throwing it to. Usually used in baseball.
Ichiro was safe at third base because Guerrero airmailed the throw into the stands.
by Jack July 06, 2004
I had a cabbage and bean salad for lunch, which although very tasty and healthy, left me with a great deal of air mail.
by Cockaseega July 10, 2009
To fart in someones face, usually unexpected.
Dude you just airmailed Liza and her hair flew backwards.
by D-Bag March 20, 2006
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