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3 definitions by Cockaseega

I had a cabbage and bean salad for lunch, which although very tasty and healthy, left me with a great deal of air mail.
by Cockaseega July 10, 2009
Palindrone, Noun: a speech given by or emulating in style a speech given by Sarah Palin. Palindronic, Adjective: like a palindrone; boring, unbelievable
I was fed up with enduring one palindrone after another delivered by the running mate; I went to a lecture on the workings of the brain, but unfortunately, the speaker delivered a palindronic soliloquy of disconnected thoughts that left the audience wondering, "Huh?"
by Cockaseega July 15, 2009
Go to the bathroom for a b.m.
I have a delivery every morning before I take my shower; I had two deliveries today.
by Cockaseega July 10, 2009