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yellow nike shirt wearing punk from kajang.
taxi driver: hey yellow nike shirt wearing punk, where do you want to go?

aiman: saas kajang please mate..
by max.drom.kajang December 09, 2008
22 49
the name for a guy who is so hot you cant believe it. he has beautiful eyes and loves mango nectar. these mysterious creatures are also known to be quite well endowed and generous in bed.
girl 1--"hey alyssa, what did you do last night?"
alyssa--"oh girl, i found me an aiman last night!"
girl 1--"im soooo jealous!"
by barbietron October 04, 2009
153 58
A guy that's super sexy. Someone that can dress and sweet talk a girl into loving him. He usually makes every girl he talks to love him but doesn't mean to. He's a sweet and down to earth guy. He's amazing in the bedroom. While he has all these girls waiting for him, he's searching for the right one.
Girl: I wish i can date aiman
Girl2: Yeahright!
by girlllllllllllllll2222222 September 21, 2011
111 29
A person with amazing hair and eyes. People with this name have a unique personality, and are often teased/bagged about it. They are negative thinkers. They are caring and will always be there for you. They can be bitchy and annoying, but are beautiful inside and out.
They love with passion, any guy would be lucky to have her.
People with the name Aimen have an amazing smile.
by Iwantyouinbed69 September 12, 2010
84 24
the most delicious non-fat food
People who eat aiman dishes are always satisfied with life
by aichnesssss June 21, 2009
46 30