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All~Right. Something that is much cooler to say that all right. plus, it takes much less time and is easier on the mouth to say. Northerners and some Southerners say this usually.
Tommy:"Ill talk with you tommorrow"
Sarah:"Aight. See you then."
by starlight May 21, 2005
alright, ok, cool?
"I'ma go over there now aight?"
by Jesus April 22, 2003
(n.) the number following seben in Ebonic mathmatics
Jefferson scored a fitty aight on his I.Q. test but thanks to affirmative action still got into Harvard.
by scut monkey August 08, 2009
A word used when someone asks you to do something and you reply. A sarcastic way of using it is saying ooo aight.
Person: Hey you wanna go to the movies?
Person: Aight.
by George L April 12, 2004
aight comes from "alright" which comes from "all right."

that explains itself.
i cant believ this many ppl have got it all wrong and still written their explanation here. its just weird, u feelin me?

by BoSviLLd November 23, 2003
A manner in which to pronounce "alright" that is seen to be cooler and/or hipper than the word we might find in an actual dictionary.
They tried to replace my 'blahs' with 'a-ights,' blah.
by Yer mom November 15, 2004
It's the lazy ass way of saying "alright."
I be black home boy aight.
by Doh Nuts 13 September 12, 2004