ahyoung is a girl who will act shy and quiet at first but when you really get to know her, she'll be as hyper and crazy as no other. ah youngs are very cute and pretty and even sexy at some times. she'll laugh at anything and will also laugh to herself a lot. she'll get guys without even knowing. she may be bitchy at times but very rarely. im so lucky to have her as my friend. she holds pain in and will never say what she really thinks. when she likes someone she'll say things she doesnt mean. Ah youngs are VERY innocent but is a very good kisser. Any guy will be lucky to go out with a girl names ahyoung.
guy whose she?
guy 2 who? her? shes ahyoung.
guy just my type. innocent, cute, pretty. gonna hit her up tonight.
by #bitchwhatyoulookingat August 30, 2012

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