1. An atheist who decided that since the word "atheist" tends to make religious people uncomfortable, they should go by something else. Much like how a someone who is passing in the 1930s would go by "white".
2. Somebody who can't decide whether there is a deific force. Generally caused by not giving a shit.
3. The person who has the position of "it's just as valid a position to say that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow as it is that it will rise in the east," only replace "the sun will rise in the west tomorrow" with "magical sky pixies exist" and "it will rise in the east" with "they don't." Widely reviled by most other people. A beloved theological position of solipsists, relativists and other irrationalists.
1. "I never knew any atheists, just agnostics."
2. Many people just don't give enough of a shit to stop being agnostic.
3. Ugh, this agnostic guy keeps butting in on arguments about the existence of a deity by saying "it's just as plausible that there's an invisible leprechaun who can't be proven as there not being an invisible leprechaun that can't be proven, so don't argue that believing in an unproven invisible leprechaun is stupid."
by Elijah Davis January 17, 2008
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An agnostic is a person who believes that the existence of a greater power, such as a god, cannot be proven or disproved; therefore an agnostic wallows in the complexity of the existence of higher beings.

Agnostics on religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhists, etc): Religious zealots are often viewed as ignorant by agnostics’ because of their blind following of a supreme being which may or may not exist. Agnostics will often question the existence of a supreme power because a lot of modern religious beliefs have no basis in modern logic; therefore blind following of popular religions is viewed as an easy out for people who chose not to think for themselves.

Agnostics on atheism: On the other end of the spectrum, unlike atheists, an agnostic uses a more scientific approach to their belief system. An agnostic knows that just because there is no physical proof of the existence of a higher being, it dose not automatically mean that one does not exist. An agnostic views an atheist on the same plane as a religious zealot; often because the belief that human beings are the pinnacle of intelligence and there are few things that we do not or have the potential to understand.

The realization of knowing that “we cannot know everything” is the backbone of the agnostic belief.
Christian Zealot: God loves you and everyone. He will save you
Agnostic: Prove it.

Athiest: There is no way that a god can exist.
Agnostic: Prove it.
by Enkidu January 25, 2004
Someone who is not arrogant enough to
think they KNOW whether God exists or not.
Agnostics believe you can neither prove, nor disprove the existence of god.
by Tragic August 11, 2003
Someone who doesn't feel that their is enough evidence to prove or disprove god.
Just because people have different religious beliefs than that of yourself (agnostic, atheist, muslim, christian) gives you no right to make them feel terrible.
by me August 14, 2003
One who believes that it is impossible to prove whether a supreme being (or a 'God') exists or not. An individualist who has finally realised that the statement 'Billions of mindless drones can't be wrong' is bull.
by IkeM October 11, 2003
By strict definition, it means 'without knowledge', refering to deities. That is, an agnostic does not claim to have any definite knowledge of the existance of deities/a deity.

It is often said that agnosticism is a stepping stone to atheism. There is truth to this, as often the transition from theism to atheism is travelled through agnosticism. However, this is not the only form of agnosticism. Agnosticism can also develop as a rejection of both atheism and theism, for a number of reasons. All three discuss divinity in different ways, so it is foolish to say that agnosticism is simply a stepping stone to atheism, or undecided secularism.
He used to be Jewish, but after taking a philosophy course he became agnostic.

She calls herself an agnostic instead of atheist, because she finds them disagreeable.
by Malfacteur December 11, 2003
1. Strictly, someone who believes that it is impossible to know whether or not God exists. Note that they may still be either an atheist or a theist, they simply do not believe it is possible to prove beyond all doubt that God does or does not exist.
2. Someone who neither believes fully that God exists nor that s/he does not exist. This is the more common usage. Note that such a person can be neither an atheist or a theist.
Most agnostics are open-minded people, but there are always exceptions to the rule.
by Daedalus January 07, 2004
An open minded, intelligent person that is not bound or restricted by the boundries of christian or aethistic beliefs
I dont care enough to believe therfore i am not wrong.
by That one guy January 28, 2004
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