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(v.) The already outdated internet practise of attempting to belittle someone by asserting that they are younger than you. Typically, the age stated is 1-3 years younger than the age of the caller him/herself (more often than not, it is just oen year younger than the caller). This is a last ditch attempt by this person to sound mature. This tactic is often employed when the calling party knows they cannot assert themselves with some authority other than presenting false credentials of thier opponent, and the younger the person (common users are in thier early-mid teens, sometimes late teens) the more readily used the act. When thier ASSumptions are proved incorrect, however the response will automatically be 'I would never have guessed that'. The users of this tactic also favour political correctness, vague assumptions, pseudo-intellectualism, constant small insults throughout thier talk, a general feel of hatred towards thier adversary and getting upset very easily.
"Whats wrong with being gay?
Do I have to enlighten another fat, white, ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic, American 12 year old?"

--Definition of gumba gumba by '50 cent'

"n.) Someone who thinks responding once to an unnecessary flame is quite enough, and will no longer waste his time on silly internet beefs with children who have nothing better to do than reread their own urban dictionary definition to see who's flamed them recently.Have fun with your flames, little girl/boy, since I will no longer be concerning myself with 'em. Toodles!"

--definition of neilmiser by 'neilmiser'

"A person who is easily flamed. Regretably, I feel, since I have just looked up some of his definitions and various other submissions, and it's clear he or she is, at most 13 years old."

--definition of kung-fu jesus by neilmiser.
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
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