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Russian slang for "yes." Comporable to "yea."
1: wanna go out tonight?

2: aga.
by onehandedjesus March 02, 2008
Short for the polish name Agnieszka (A-gniesh-ka) with the a pronounced like the 'A' in Aspirin.
A girl called Aga is a lovable person she usually will be very bubbly and fun to be around.

A lot of guys fall for her but she never realizes because she focuses on one guy and is determined to be with him no matter what.
Someone called Aga is faithful and has a strong mind.

She is a beautiful girl/woman.
boy1: ''she's gorgeous!!''
boy2 : ''i bet her name is Aga''
by total-honesty1234 October 07, 2012
pronounced ah-gis. abbreviation for the phrase "all girls are sluts". this is the occurance that under certain conditions, whether it be valentine's day, christmas, new years, birthday or even if they're drunk, all girls have the potential to be sluts and will do provocative things they wouldn't normally do.
John: hey look at that girl chillin by the mistle toe. you think i got a shot?
Dan: ofcourse bro, look what time it is. Just remember AGAS
by studleeee June 23, 2008
Acronym devised by Dr. Donald J Dahm which stands for actually gives a shit. Often used to describe well-performing students.
The professor declared part of the class AGAS because they checked the website for the homework.
by Smelly Broad November 15, 2011
acronym: Actually Give A Sit
the teacher gave out AGAS points to those who looked on the homework page
by dahmdahmdahmdahm November 15, 2011
A word to describe a feeling that cannot otherwise be expressed with another word.

A mix of frustration, confusion, shock or general annoyance.

Can also be used as a greeting.
Dani answers the telephone in the office. She is asked a question for which she can not answer - she replies 'aga'.

Sarah and Danny split up for no apparent reason - AGA

Emily arrives home from work at 6am, she is tired but is greeted with AGA!! She is then happy.
by leygan September 10, 2007
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