After Effects.
Have you been using AFX lately?

Yeah After Effects is great
by skullking123 May 19, 2009
Top Definition
Phonetic contraction of Aphex Twin, though considered a name in its own right.
AFX is one of Richard D. James' many pseudonyms
by Denzil June 11, 2005
stands for 'aphex twin'
by a-ef-ex September 06, 2003
Application framework X. A crappy Win16 abstraction API that
eventually became a crappy Win32 abstraction API called MFC.
Commonly used by join-the-dots "programmers" who do
everything using MFC Class Wizard.

MFC salutes its AFX heritage with a load of function names
and .h files prefixed with Afx.

a typical AFX/MFC programmer will be heard asking questions
that demonstrate their total and utter ignorance
of the Win32 API.

e.g. duhh... what's an WNDCLASSEX?

by moochinaround November 11, 2006
the best scout in tfc
afx is the best scout in tfc.
by Brilliant2U October 20, 2003
Away from xbox; just like saying afk but for xbox.
Mark: Hey dude stop being afx, your getting the shit sniped out of you!
by Alec Garcia June 27, 2008
quite good scout allegedly
eXtreme Demo Center
by fri May 12, 2003
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