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3 definitions by moochinaround


a) A deep knee bend exercise performed by competitive
strength athletes.

b) A lift performed by american high school football
team members and posted on Youtube involving combining
an ever increasing amount of weight on the bar with an ever
decreasing range of motion.
whhhoooaa dude! here's me like burying 650 pounds.
I reckon I could walk into the NFL like right now.

(cue a video of someone doing a 3 inch deep squat with
spotters holding both ends of the bar to help)
by moochinaround November 11, 2006
a spaz or spacker
swotting away for teacher like a total spasmo.
by moochinaround November 11, 2006
Application framework X. A crappy Win16 abstraction API that
eventually became a crappy Win32 abstraction API called MFC.
Commonly used by join-the-dots "programmers" who do
everything using MFC Class Wizard.

MFC salutes its AFX heritage with a load of function names
and .h files prefixed with Afx.

a typical AFX/MFC programmer will be heard asking questions
that demonstrate their total and utter ignorance
of the Win32 API.

e.g. duhh... what's an WNDCLASSEX?

by moochinaround November 11, 2006