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the piss used to clear the penal shaft of cum or shit after sex or jerking off. a woman may use the same method after a deposit in her forward hole.
during the afterpiss I hit the toilet tank with a cum/piss mixture due to a semi and the fact it took a moment to figure the combination pressure-to-backsteps ratio needed to ark the fluid into the bowl.
by the mac al February 28, 2006
When someone is done peeing, and the pull their pants up, but some pee still leaks out.
Girl: Johnny, did you pee your pants?

Johnny: Nah, just some after piss
by likeaboss900000 February 17, 2014
The glorious urination one engages in shortly after an orgasm. It is said to rival that of intoxicated pissing.
The party last night was amazing. I had, like, fifty beers! This chick even blew me! When she was done, I had to pee like a racehorse, so I staggered into the bathroom, had an after piss, and it was THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER.
by pupukachu March 10, 2010
Its when you are done taking a piss and you walk out of the bathroom and a little bit more pee comes out
O my god jake had such a Afterpiss it went through his pants
by goodwillhunting September 10, 2011
when u go pee and after u already put it back in your pants it decides to trickle a little more out. leaving small wet spot on your pants that quickly evaparate.
did u see that guy coming out of the porta pottie he had afterpiss on his pants. thats gross.
by firstteam June 24, 2009
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