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Sometimes means "after party", but it usually means a more mellow gathering of friends rather than a rowdy party. Basically, it's whatever you're doing after the bars close.

Usually not referred to in the past or present because it sounds pretentious -- only in the future tense.
1) "Do you know of any after hours?"
2) "What are you doing after hours?"
3) "There's supposed to be an after hours at Moe's pad.

Incorrect: "We had a really good after hours last night." or "This after hours sucks."
by Sarah April 12, 2004
The name of a place you can go to drink and find other substances after all other bars close. Generally a very sketchy type of place where everyone there looks like they had a bad relationship with their parents. Found in back alleys behind steel doors guarded by degenerates. Not a type of place for normal people unless you want to scum it up for the night.
Hey buddy, wanna hit up an after hours when we leave here?
by Filthy Ferguson November 21, 2006
period of time, usually after 2:00am (see last call) (depending on alcohol regulations), where drinking has stopped at a club or bar and people continue to populate the establishment. Its at this time that most patrons leave. Some bars/clubs offer non-alcoholic alternatives to keep underage patrons spending money.
"None of us were really tired so we decided to stay for after hours."

"It was after hours so all I could order was this soda."
by E.T.H. December 19, 2006
A party that happens after the clubs/bars close down. It's usually an informal gathering of like-minded people at a friends house or apartment.
scene- 1:42AM crowded night club

Jake: Hey man have you heard of anything going on after this?

Chris: Yeah there's supposed to be this kick ass afterhours at Christie and Jack's place.
by johnnyorbit April 24, 2007
The exclusive scene that takes place after regular operating hours, when the bar or club is closed. Only the employees and valued regulars are permitted to stay.
Yeah, Smitty thought he tipped enough to hang out after hours, but we booted his ass out.
by Jay Coombs August 11, 2005
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