Another word for a bush, or overly grown pubic hair around the crotch or vaginal area.
When i stuck my hand down her pants, i felt a huge afro.
by Zac May 21, 2003
a very very large amount of untrimmed pubes usually worn by people of bad hygene, ugly people, and people who don't get laid.
chick: oh my god where the hell is your dick
dude: you dont like my afro? what's wrong with you bitch
by j delicious March 30, 2005
Pubic hair on head replaced by Geri Curl replaced by do-rag replaced by dredlocks replaced by cornrows
Only old men and ghetto people have fros.
by Ex-Jersey March 31, 2005
Hair That should not be attempted by those that do not have it naturally. Tight curls that are woven together. Hell to get a brush through. Most commonly found on Afro-carribean, black/white-carribean(bi-racial/mixed race), Americans (the whites are not the true Americans) and Africans. The celebrity Perri Kiely from diversity is the most recognised member because of this. Perri Kiely is mine btw he is soo hot😍.
Hey dude look at that hair!
I wanna put a pencil in it...
Don't you won't get it back!

Hey look at that chick with the Afro.
Whoa she shouldn't think that looks good in her.
She is a ghost!
by Its.Jordyn.x February 21, 2015

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