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The best mod ever
milk.sporkyou.com's greatest mod is Dark Ace2
by Solar December 14, 2003
What you end up spelling when you're meaning to type "test" over and over.
Here is some sample text: testestest testes test
by Solar March 11, 2004
What people use for the Afro Forum on milk.sporkyou.com
All the people from the afro forum are so afroness
by Solar December 14, 2003
A very large reptile-like creature that has been said to resemble a gecko at the most. It originates from Asia and has tawny skin, patches of pink fur, and orange eyes. When threatened, it has been said to give off the smell of ketchup. It has been known to hang around with the notorious Sketch.
Look, there's Geckolus Extromus in that tree!
by Solar April 26, 2004
Originates from the railways in the 60s.

Anyone (us. male) can be "Ragballs" or "Rags".
'ow's it goin' ragballs?!

'ow's your dick'n'balls?
fit for suckin' 'ows your mouth?
by Solar August 16, 2004
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