Very controversial topic in the U.S.

There are many sides to this policy.

First of all people only show anger towards blacks for this, but it also gives large unfair advantages towards women in male dominated fields such as engineering etc.

AA should only be legal for socioeconomic reasons, because poorer people really have more of a disadvantage in life and college admissions.

Honestly unless it has to do with economic status, it is total bullshit because men get no sort of leeway into making it into English majors, but women get a huge advantage going into the physical sciences.

White people bitch the most about AA (with good reason), but nowdays Asians take the hit more than any other race.

If you are an Asian/Indian male... you are screwed, only the best will survive.

This bullshit ruins good schools, but they still get higher rankings because rankings factor in AA when ranking.

This is why AA ruined MIT is higher up than Godlike Caltech (which does no AA).

Fuck AA if it doesn't have to do with econmic status and don't bother bitchin about it if you are not Asian or Indian male (like me)

Oh Asian women take a little bit of the hit aswell and some rich white nerds.

Black people get a huge boost into Stanford, but thats it
Me: yo bitch, I got rejected from MIT with a 1560/1600 SAT

Ugly ho: I got in with a 1230 because I wrote an essay bitchin about how hard it is to be a girl in the physical sciences

Me: Thats Affirmative Action bitch (then kills ho)

The end
by azzajack January 18, 2010
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Getting into a job/college because you are not white.
Anyone who thinks affirmative action is not racist needs to pull their heads out of their asses and stop being a politically correct liberal moron.
by david smith, jr. February 08, 2008
a system employed by certain colleges and offices, used to take opportunities away from qualified caucasians, disguised as a way of removing past discriminations.
A person with a lower GPA than me has more educational opportunities than me because of affirmative action.

Affirmative action is really just a load of bullshit.
by I hate affirmative action October 10, 2005
American Colleges' defense against Natural Selection.
"Damn, all these asians got rejected from Ivy Leagues, but that black guy got in? Affirmative Action at the max!"

"In every class, everyone will quickly find out who got in only because of Affirmative Action"

"A population has to meet certain conditions to be in Hardy-Weinburg Equilibrium, once these conditions are met, evolution is not occuring: A Large Population Size, Random Mating, No Net Genetic Mutations, No Net Migrations, and No Natural Selection. No Natural Selection means no Evolution, and a population will never progress"
by FlappingChocoboModel July 10, 2008
The most ironic rule ever created. It was intended to remove racism, however instead just reversed it. Minorities have an automatic advantage in getting a job even if they are less qualified than a Caucasian for the sole reason of their race (hence racism).

Additionally, the rule implies that a minority would not be able to beat out a Caucasian in getting a job or admittance to a college under normal circumstances, ultimately insulting minorities further.
Me: I was the most qualified to get the job, but I didn't because I'm white.

Friend: Affirmative Action is so racist.
by Equality to All January 05, 2009
Perhaps Affirmative Action (AA) is the biggest reason that successful blacks in America get less respect than successful members of other races. AA is a preference program, designed to give economic benefits to a group designated as "underrepresented minorities", which includes blacks, non-white hispanics, native americans and women. Although women are arguably the biggest beneficiary of AA, most others are upset at benefits given to blacks because it usually involves a higher margin of preference. See also Affirmative Blaction.

Liberals typically justify AA with euphemisms such as "Leveling the playing field" or "You can't expect a man shackled for 400 years to just get up and run a race". They never speak in straightforward, concrete terms lest they reveal AA for what it is: Socio-economic welfare. It is sold to the public under the guise of "achieving equality" but, oddly, lacks any clause that measures when equality is achieved or when AA will no longer be necessary. AA is obviously not about achieving equality since no preference is given to whites, asians or women in the NBA or NFL, which are black male-dominated.

Strangely, although black groups fight passionately to preserve AA, blacks in general are offended when it is implied that AA contributed to their current job/position. They want to get AA, but they don't want anyone to know they got it.
Jamal is applying to go to Harvard Medical School, and so is John. John scored in the upper 95% on his MCAT, while Jamal scored in the upper 65%. Affirmative action is the reason that Jamal will be taking out your appendix today while John is studying to be a nurse.
by FigurinOutLife May 12, 2006
the bullshit rule that states equal rights for all. basically some fucked up law that some black man put into rule that states that a black person is to have an equal shot at the same things as a white person. not matter if they are more qualified or not. every organozation, school, company, etc.. most follow this rule and must maintain a minimal amount of minoritites in their population.
I got accepeted to Harvard, but it was taken back because they had to maintain the affirmative action laws and i lost my place to some fucking black because someone of his color had to bitch. But if I did that, i'd be charged with hate crimes and be labeled a racist.
by STCC0313 March 20, 2008
Political correctness in the form of institutionalized racism the liberals and socialists created to punish whites for the injustices blacks suffered during slavery, by giving unfair advantages to minorities in the name of “equality” “diversity”or “leveling the playing field.” An unconstitutional form of reverse discrimination that sets racial quotas, and labels a person’s credentials by race rather than merit. This should be an insult to black people, but it’s not because they want the unfair advantage to get a head. They don’t realize that affirmative action cheapens their achievements and assumes that no minority can get ahead on their own. The irony about affirmative action is that it uses reverse discrimination to compensate past discrimination. Let’s be honest, affirmative action originally had good intent by lawmakers, but has become grossly abused in America today like everything else. Colleges now use it, employers use it, banks use it, professional sports leagues use it to draft players, and even insurance companies use it. Heck, one of these days the hospital ERs will use it to admit patients. Because of AA, you can almost be rest assured that if/when you see a black, Hispanic or Asian person on a college campus it was probably a direct result of affirmative action.
Affirmative action is the epitome of political correctness gone ammock, but is a clever attempt for socialists and liberals to change the face of middle-class society.
by krock1dk April 28, 2008

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