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Abbreviation for "All Fucking Day". It describes working a shift from opening to closing hours.
My boss made me work an AFD twice this week.
by Joshnackh November 29, 2006
Alcohol Free Day. A day (either 24 hour period or from waking to sleeping) where no alcohol is consumed.
I need a new liver, its been 92 days since my last AFD.
by InTheGutter September 24, 2008
"Ah Fuck Dude"
just like "FML"
Like when your dumb ass friend Zane is texting a girl still in high school you say.... "AFD"
by That motha C August 17, 2010
All Fucking Done

1. Miserable task finally finished
2. Tired or irritated beyond the breaking point

1.It's 5:00, we are AFD.....
2.I am so AFD with this bullshit
by rhagium June 15, 2008
A commonly used abbreviation for the popular adult film series: "Anal Fisting Destruction".

May also denote the use of a number of painful digital insertion assplay maneuvers which fall under the broader term Anal Fisting Destruction.
Did you hear they got Russel Twiss to come back and direct AFD 8: "The Day the Lube Ran Dry"?
by Digger Duhon January 02, 2005
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