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Abbreviation for "All Fucking Day". It describes working a shift from opening to closing hours.
My boss made me work an AFD twice this week.
by Joshnackh November 29, 2006
Achievment Free Day.
A day where you laze around and achieve nothing at all - all day.

The odd AFD is good for you.
by misterpew April 30, 2009
Alcohol Free Day. A day (either 24 hour period or from waking to sleeping) where no alcohol is consumed.
I need a new liver, its been 92 days since my last AFD.
by InTheGutter September 24, 2008
Ass For Days
"Damn son, that bitch has got AFD!!"
by Reggie Regg November 22, 2003
After Fucking Death.
AFD geishsgs
by DUG64 May 20, 2015
"Ah Fuck Dude"
just like "FML"
Like when your dumb ass friend Zane is texting a girl still in high school you say.... "AFD"
by That motha C August 17, 2010
All Fucking Done

1. Miserable task finally finished
2. Tired or irritated beyond the breaking point

1.It's 5:00, we are AFD.....
2.I am so AFD with this bullshit
by rhagium June 15, 2008

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