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Not pleasant to look at.
Man, those hating witches are so aesthetically challenged. Their faces are eye-gouging inducive. It really makes me sick to look in their general direction.
by GoJesus! April 02, 2009
A euphemism for ugly. A politically correct term similar to "mentally challenged", "vertically challenged", and "horizontally challenged". (Which mean retarded, short, and fat, respectively.
"In Washington D.C. and Santa Cruz, California, it's actually illegal to discriminate against people who are aesthetically challenged. Damn liberals..."

"I'm not ugly! I'm just *aesthetically challenged*!"
by Harlequin Princess September 30, 2009
Unable to appreciate art, beauty and sensualism.
There is no point in taking mom to the museum, she's aesthetically challenged.
by NearlyMad February 25, 2014
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