Alternative Educational Program aka getting an in school suspension. Was not as bad as I thought it would be and it sure as hell beats a Saturday detention.
Paco: Did you get AEP beacuse your black?

Smeagol: Probably, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
by defiler April 28, 2004
Top Definition
A place where 'bad' kids go because they misbehave in school, or they fail to attend. Most of the kids that are in AEP are dumbasses who got put in there for doing stupid things such as "threatening someone" or "stealing something from school." While those type of kids are in AEP, they are also beaten by the real kids who belong in AEP. Such of those are ones who are in AEP for throwing desks at teachers, bringing weapons to school, beating someone/something, selling drugs, etc. Ah, gotta love AEP.

AEP = Alternative Education Program. It is like regular school but located elsewhere off your regular school-campus. In AEP, you do not "gain the education like the ones on regular campus." Well, obviously, they don't give a shit if they're in AEP. Most AEP schools require 'students' wear a uniform which in the most part is a white tee and khaki's, which makes the group look more dangerous if they're walking in large groups.
Tom: Where the hell is John?
Bob: He's in AEP because he threatened Susie since she didn't give him her math homework. He's probably getting raped right now in AEP.
Tom: Ah, probably.
by DJ Cannon April 06, 2006
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