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The man who led the trojan survivors to italy and establish lavinium, which developed into Rome.
Aeneas is like me from 1200B.C.
Sum Pius Aeneas (read the Aeneid, in the robert fagles tranlation, and you should understand everything.)
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
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The original player/thug. He bangs some chicks then ditches them to go kill people. His story would be mildly interesting if it wasn't written two thousand years ago about places halfway across the world.
John: Dude, this Aeneas dude is pretty sick.
Andrew: What? I can't read Latin.
by Da Haute February 18, 2009
A tall female who's social skills lack creating many awkward situations though they are good at heart. Most are usually quite exotic looking and enjoy the feeling of change.
Wow when i talked to him i felt like an Aenea.
With the way you acted toda you should be renamed Aenea.
by Carla3000 August 31, 2011
The hero of the epic poem by the Roman poet Virgil, The Aeneid, and also a character in The Iliad, another book length poem ascribed to the Greek poet Homer. He was cousin to King Priam of Troy, and the son of Anchises and Venus. In mythic geneology he was the ancestor of the Caesars.
In mythic history, Aeneas' escape from the fall of Troy and his journey to Italy was instrumental to the founding of Rome.
by moonbug April 06, 2005
Awesome; mind-blowing; intelligent
"Man, that The Dismemberment Plan record is SOOOO Aeneas!"
by Aeneas Hemphill June 10, 2005

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