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A derogatory term used in the customization website customize.org.
A former member of the site, Adz, broke the rules and insulted people many times. It came to the point of which "adz" could be used as a word, meaning, 1. anyone who acted in a way Adz did, 2. anyone that you have suspicions against, 3. or a word to be added for emphasis.
Not to be confused with the carpentry tool (also called "adz")
He photoshopped that shot. He's such an adz.

This guy is sending me spam. He must be adz.

This adz-fucking thing is so fucking adz.
by Martin M. October 05, 2007
AdZ is a wikid guy, best mate in the world. Definately a ladies man! ... and a good lookin 1 at that! Dude ur the best!!!
Adam Hollingsworth
by Ross Brazier May 18, 2004