A normal guy, cool with other guys, but can be a little too rowdy sometimes, a lady killer but sweet as could ever be when he finds the right one, plays off as a tough-guy, but down he is just real sweet and loving and playful, crazy mohawk, just stands out in a crowd, pretty easily. They make mistakes and always know when they're wrong, trust worthy and loyal, playful and athletic. Strong and outgoing. Random and easily scared at times.
"I met this guy, Adriel, he is so sweet and cute"
"Dude lets bring over Adriel, he's fucking crazy dude"
"Hey lets go get in a fight" - Guy 1
"Fuck that, why not just fucking chill!" - Adriel
by Adriel G August 24, 2011
Top Definition
a sexy male who gives big hugs ,who loves to get freaky all night long nd has a very large penis
i want me some adriel tonite
by angiekins July 10, 2008
A male name from the bible, meaning, of the flock of God, or similar to Azrael, the Angel of death.
I am a male and my name is Adriel Wool
by Adrielw March 27, 2007
A very handsome young man. He is on top of the food chain when dating is involved. Since 2 out of 10 women are stupid, 8 out of 10 women like him - the highest percentage in all of mankind. He is most likely strong and sexy since Adriels are males who are super competitive and likes to keep themselves on top shape. Every not clinically insane woman loves an Adriel.
Girl 1: So what's your kind of guy?
Girl 2: I want to marry an Adriel
Girl 3: OMG! Adriels are so sexy!
by Not Using Real Name To Submit April 14, 2011
The blackest and fastest guy in the whole universe.
His speed is as fast as light (299 792 458 m/s) and is blacker than the black hole.
Watch out for him when in the dark as he can camouflage well and it is also his natural habitat. But don't worry, he won't harm anyone unless necessary. Also has a very large penis which is 69126 inches long and is the main cause of ebola. He is 100000000 years old and therefore has very good knowledge in the History. Most probably the wisest and definitely the most experience man on earth.
Mat: It's dark, Adriel could be hiding somewhere here.
Josh: Maybe, but we still won't be able to see him as he is moving too fast
by ACSM January 27, 2015
He is nice, humours, empathetic, sharing , intelligent, athletic, talented. When you meet Adriel the first thing that he does is makes you laugh. When you look at this guy he seem so happy but inside he has problems that he sometimes share to a few friends that he trust.
Adriel is nice.
by Asterix January 05, 2016
A word that describes a socially weird guy. An Adriel is an intelligtent person. Has a logic and reasoning of an engineer; a person who can't draw. It is used interchangeably with ankward smile. He doesn't know that he has the most beautiful smile that makes a weird girl's heart melt, he hates it. Adriel is a person who found true love in that weird girl who brings color and meaning in his life. She is his chaos and completeness at the same time. And adriel is also used to denote an unsure feeling.
Shit i have an Adriel smile!

I think i'm Adriel with you.

I wish i was an Adriel.
by mypbasic December 06, 2014

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