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To flirt with a really ugly guy. The flirter thinks the guy is really hot even though no one else does.
"did you see sammy at the mall yesterday?"

"no why?"

"she was adrianing with everyone!"
by sammylikesadrian7 November 02, 2009
Agreeing to hang out with friends only to call them back minutes after telling them that he won't be able to make it because he is too tired and wants sleep.
Adrian: Do you want to go eat in about 30 minutes?
Friend: Sounds good, I'll get ready now and pick you up soon.
-----------------20 minutes later-----------------
Adrian: (tired voice) sorry I won't be able to come. *yawn*
Friend: WTF, I'm almost there to pick you up!!
Adrian: *hangs up phone*
Friend: Hello?!?!?! ARE U THERE?!?!?!
Friend: OMG!! He's going to be Adrian-ing it at home AGAIN!!
by LinknAdrian March 11, 2007